What We Stand For

We’ve published these values because these words are the ones that best represent who we are, what we want to do, and how we want to do it. Making them public means we’re accountable to them. Without integrity, we are nothing. We are proud of our life’s work.

What We Do

We create digital experiences that mimic that finish line experience. We build things that people will love, and then we nurture and support them. We don’t believe in one-and-done engagements, and we believe in working with clients who feel the same way.

We build our communities by breaking down barriers. The internet gives us incredible access to those who share our passions, and an outlet for those who need it. We create spaces where those who know more are encouraged to teach those who know less, and where that motivation or inspiration that you’re seeking will be in front of you at just the right time.

How We Do It

Work as lifestyle, and lifestyle as work. Work time gets scheduled as any other time, and that doesn't always fall during "normal" working hours. We allow for inspiration to pull us into work early in the morning or late at night as it may, and likewise for the sunshine to pull us outdoors as it may. Time away from the office does not mean time away from work, and being in the office and not working is time wasted.

We are focused on working with fewer companies on a more personal level. We partner with companies whose values are aligned with ours, and work on products that that resonate with us.

We pledge to always fight on behalf of the user, even when that means pushing back against a client. We believe users deserve control over their own data when possible, and we are always transparent with them about what data of theirs we’re collecting. We make decisions for the long-term. We do not believe in dark patterns.

Why We Do It

We exist to support people’s athletic passions and endeavors. Naturally, we do the same for our co-workers — both emotionally and financially.

The work we do contributes to our health, and the health of those it touches — in all the ways we need to be healthier.

The Kind Of People We Are

Everyone is an athlete. We don't newb shame, either in sports or in work; we help, teach, and generally elevate one another.

We are always learning and growing. Our experiences, skills, and even these values will change in time. We change ourselves deliberately so that we might change the world deliberately, too.

We believe in working with people who demonstrate empathy towards others and the environment, especially those who are marginalized. We work hard to build the courage to stand up for one another.

We appreciate diversity in all things. Uniformity has nothing to teach us — and plus, it’s kinda boring.

We’re always inclusive. We treat and revere everyday athletes as we do elite athletes. We hold those who overcome more due to their body type, gender, access, etc. in especially high esteem. We all got this.

We never take ourselves too seriously. Life is short so laugh everyday. Leo Burnett said it well: "Nobody is in business for fun, but that does not mean there cannot be fun in business." For those times when we have to grind, in work as in sport, we grin and bear it because we know that payoff is waiting. We make sure to give ourselves a a release during these more difficult times, like leaving early for a bike ride, because all of this needs to be sustainable.

We share our passions. We celebrate the makers while also recognizing that consumption feeds production. Inspire one another both in and outside of work.