That Finish Line Feeling

We invented the social training log — a place not only for tracking your workouts but where you can also share them with friends. We produced one of the first open APIs for fitness data, enabling people to build an entire ecosystem of companion apps on top of our platform. Most importantly, we never lost sight of why we built it. Our values are important and define how we work. We love all types of athletes, and nothing makes us more excited than seeing them reach and surpass their goals. We grew our online community of athletes to two million members, who in turn logged over two hundred million workouts, and did all this while bootstrapping the business as a team of two. (Yes, you read that right.) We're passionate about what we do, and we want to take that passion, skill, and experience of building fitness apps to helping your company do great things too. Hopefully, along the way, we'll empower a whole new wave of athletes, and maybe have a little fun while doing it too.


Race Ready

We thrive at building full life cycle digital products. That's everything from the ground up starting with requirements gathering, prototyping, and user experience testing. We then design, develop, run QA, and make sure the product works at scale. We pride ourselves on our craft and on following best practices. We also offer a full range of design services including branding, style guides, illustration, motion, and interactive. Having some trouble with a digital campaign that you're running? We're there for you too.

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A Focus On Form

At FUN RUN we get super excited about building digital products that encourage people's athletic passions and endeavors. Our goal is to deliver an end product that inspires your customers. We love collaborating with other teams and getting an opportunity to share what we know best. We offer a very hands-on boutique experience. While each team and project has different needs, here is a general plan of how we implement new projects:

  • Work with you to determine needs and scope of project.
  • Collaborate on conceputualizing and storyboarding.
  • Present design examples and visual mockups.
  • After sign-off, proceed with design and development.
  • Deploy assets to staging for feedback.
  • Push live to production.
  • Work with client to determine maintenance and update schedule.
  • Listen to users and stakeholders and make changes accordingly.
Who We Are

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Ben WeinerTechnical Lead

Ben Weiner has spent his career building software for fitness applications. He’s scaled Web platforms to handle the load for millions of users, and worked across a multitude of technology stacks. He now lives in San Francisco and is an avid cyclist and runner.

Kelly KorevecDesign Lead

Kelly lives to design solutions to problems. If he's not on the trails, he's hacking on some new project - everything from his own 3d printed bike lights to custom coffee roasting software. He's also not one to shy away from a challenge. He's even completed some of hardest ultra marathons including Hardrock and Western States 100.

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